Bring Our Best


Dear Kyles Temple Family,


Greetings in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.


This communication is to bring attention to the vital need to sure up finances as we prepare to make our first denominational contribution of the year. Historically, giving is down in the first quarter. It was our hope to return to in person worship as well as offer a hybrid model for the new year; however, the omicron variant has complicated our plans. Additionally, winter weather halted our virtual worship for two Sundays in January further impacting our first quarter giving.


This is a call to get on track in the new year. You have been extremely generous in your contributions during the pandemic and I am profoundly grateful for you embodying the generosity of Christ in your giving life.


Our first assessment contribution of $4500 is due Feb 19th. To meet this commitment, I am asking that we make a sacrificial, Bring Our Best Offering, on the week of Feb 13th. As we Bring Our Best Offering, we are reminded of the goodness of God even in difficult times.


Will You Join Me in ensuring the fiscal health of our congregation?


Together we can Bring Our Best Offering.


Rev. Solomon R. Missouri, Mdiv.