The Lenten Experience

Lent: The Teutonic word, employed to denote the forty days' fast preceding Easter


Lent is a time within the Christian year in which we sharpen our gaze and awareness to the sacrifice of Christ. In this season, we remember that the love of Jesus is exemplified through his service through sacrifice. Even the ultimate sacrifice of laying down his life.


It has become the tradition of the church to enter in to a season of self-denial in remembrance of the forty days and forty nights Jesus fasted in the desert. This is a wonderful tradition whose purposes should not be lost in the individual act of self denial. But I would like to broaden the conversation to focus on a greater commitment to service within the life of the church and to the community.


Research says it takes 21 days for an act to become habitual. For the next forty days, I want us to practice the habit of service. My prayer for the next 6 weeks is for our service life to become “contagious.” I pray that you would join me as we seek to extend the love of Christ through acts of service.

Six Week Plan    


Week 1: Acts of Reconciliation

  • Send 3 thank you cards to Members of the church (not to the pastor), uplifting your appreciation for them.


Week 2: Acts of Extension 

  • Bless 3 people that you have no connection to. For example, buy a stranger lunch, pay for groceries for the person behind you or give an encouraging word to a stranger.


Week 3: Acts of Reflection 

  • Schedule to have a conversation with someone who has been instrumental to your development and spiritual growth. (i.e. previous pastor, Sunday school teacher, mother, aunt, uncle, friends)


Week 4: Acts of Celebration 

  • Celebrate someone else. Do something nice for someone as an act of celebration. Make it all about them (i.e haircut, nails, pair of shoes nice dinner, a sweet treat)


Week 5: Acts of Collaboration 

  • Join Kyles Temple as we bless the members of our community with a free wash at the local Laundry. We will be collecting: detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, fabric softener and donations just to be a blessing to others. 

    (Please see Pastor Missouri for more information)


Week 6: Acts of Consecration

  • During this final week of lent, before we come to celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus we must ask the Lord to give us strength to ask for forgiveness of those who we may have injured/harmed by thought, word or deed. Before we come together to celebrate our “remembrance of Christ,” ask for forgiveness from family, friends, church members and coworkers. Our Christian walk requires of us that we seek the peace of the community and work to reconcile relationships.

Easter Sunday: 

  • Come celebrate with us!! Resurrection Sunday April 21st, 10am